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Desiccant standard revision joint research group come to our company research

Preface:The desiccant standard of our country (96 years of GJB) and deoxidizer standard (08 years of industry standard) issued has been a lot of time from now on, with the development of the industry, improve people's quality of life demands, this standard has been unable to meet the regulatory needs of existing products, and restricts the industry to the development of China adsorbent a higher level of direction, standard lag has also attracted the attention of the relevant departments of the state, the day before, China Export Commodity Packaging Institute, Chinese national food quality and safety supervision and inspection center, Hunan province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, Chinese Military Traffic Institute jointly established a special research group,  Select the leading enterprises of the adsorbent industry Hangzhou Ganjiang as the key research object to visit and inspect, Focus on the development of the industry and the status of the standard implementation. In the course of the investigation, the research group praised Ganjiang's production technology, quality control and testing, aAnd intending to invite Ganjiang to be the drafting unit of the new national standard, hoping to take the lead in promoting the standardization and development of Gan adsorbent industry.

To create the adsorbent industry first brand "for the vision, after one effort," Hangzhou Ganjiang "has become the most influential brand. More and more enterprises and institutions of cooperation and seek common development will soon.

In March 17, 2017, the research group of China Export Packaging Institute came to our company to carry out deep research work. Chinese Export Commodity Research Institute deputy chief engineer Guo Zhenmei, Xing Wenbin, project officer Liu Tianhang, the national food quality and safety supervision and inspection center secretary Wang Zhaohui Ceng Xiaoming, vice president of Hunan province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, Dr. Xie Xinpeng Chinese Military Traffic Institute, jointly conducted site visits to our company. Wu Fangping, the general manager of the company, was accompanied by the assistant general manager Zhou Farong and the technical director Zhou Jing.


Under the introduction of Wu Fangping, general manager of our company, the research group visited the office building, warehouse, purification workshop, testing center and other regions.

In the meeting room, our technical director Zhou Jing made a detailed introduction for the research group: first explain the classification, characteristics and application of all kinds of desiccant material, development process, summarizes the status of the company and the scale of production, stated the problems now, detection ability, parameter index of enterprises.



In the meeting, Chinese export commodity research institute director Guo Zhimei, the national food quality and safety supervision and inspection center secretary Wang Zhaohui, Hunan province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute Vice President Ceng Xiaoming were guiding speech, earnestly hope that the adsorbent industry can healthy development.


Hangzhou Ganjiang technical strength and industry status and the sense of responsibility to the development of the industry, won the unanimous endorsement of the research group, the research group and the general manager of our company, Wu Fangping, take a photo.